Custom DLC Coating


Custom DLC coating is a type of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) that has many benefits. RaceTech Titanium now makes DLC coating available for parts as small nuts & bolt and as large as a crank shaft. Prices for custom DLC coating jobs start around $50.

We commonly receive parts like wrist pins and valves for DLC coating but professional race teams also DLC coat parts like:
- Pistons
- Piston Rings
- Cams
- Cranks
- Titanium Pins
- Titanium Nuts & Bolts

DLC coating can significantly increase performance in racing applications but there are many other benefits to using DLC.


DLC coatings produce dramatic improvement in performance and life of tools, components, and machines. The hardness of DLC coatings is the foundation for their benefits. DLC in all forms is extremely hard. Optimized DLC coatings have been shown to improve the lifespan of tools by up to 10x. Because of its durability, DLC is used as coating for machine tools such as drill bits, saws, and dies.


DLC’s hardness also makes it durable. DLC coating protects moving parts from abrasion maintaining smooth movement much longer than uncoated parts. Engines with DLC coated parts create more horsepower, and have longer lifetimes from mechanical parts that rotate, slide, and face other types of wear. For example, DLC is now standard practice on camshafts, wrist pins, valves, and other internal engine parts in NHRA, NASCAR, Formula 1, Motocross, and many other forms of racing.


DLC coatings create lower coefficients of friction. As friction is the enemy of almost all moving parts, lowering it creates nearly universal improvement, regardless of the industry. Thus, DLC is found in engines, tools, machining of cast and wrought aluminum, plastic injection molds, pumps, machine parts, bearings, cams, and even razor blades. Reduced friction also reduces the need for lubrication, which improves efficiency within the supply chain from raw material through to the end user.


DLC coating is an amorphous, stable carbon layer that does not react to acids or alkaline. It is highly resistant against oxidation and corrosion. The high density and amorphous structure of DLC inhibit corrosive by-products from penetrating into tools. The chemically inert characteristics of diamond-like coatings dramatically reduce possibility of cold welding and material pickup on the surface of the tool

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