REM Micro Finishing

REM Micro Finishing is also known as ISF (Isoptropic Super Finishing)

In extreme environments, such as auto and motorcycle racing, every component must work in harmony at 100% capacity. Races are won and lost by fractions of a second, so it all comes down to getting the most power output possible. With the ISF Process, the energy normally lost to friction is converted to increased power output. Once friction is reduced, the engine and gearboxes will run cooler allowing for durability of parts and fewer failures.

Benefits of REM/ISF Finishing

  • Decreases friction
  • Decreases temperature
  • Decreases vibration
  • Decreases fatigue and wear
  • Decreases torque lost due to friction
  • Eliminates break-in time
  • Increases fuel economy

REM Micro Finishing & Micro Peening are now available.

Prices vary depending on the part sizes and deadlines.

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