RaceTech Titanium News

Polaris RZR XP1000 & XP Turbo Titanium Axles

RaceTech Titanium is currently testing new Titanium axles for the Polaris RZR XP1000 & XP Turbo. The new Titanium axles should be available for purchase in October 2016.
Titanium Axles Pic 01

Titanium Brake Rotors for Polaris RZR 900, XP1000, & XP Turbo

RaceTech Titanium now offers Titanium brake rotors for the Polaris RZR 900, XP1000, and XP Turbo.

Titanium brake rotors now only make a RZR look awesome but they will improve braking and acceleration!!

Check out the website for order parts. www.racetechtitanium.com
RZR Rotors Pic 01

NXS Long Travel Axles for Polaris RZR XP1000 & XPT

NXS and RaceTech Titanium have partnered with RCV Performance for new 300M long travel axles to be included with the new NXS Titanium and 4130 chromoly suspension kits.

LT Axle Pic 01

NEW KTM 450SXF Factory Edition Titanium Brake Rotors

RaceTech Titanium is now offering a limited number of custom Titanium front & rear brake rotors for the 2015-2016 KTM 450SXF Factory Edition. The front rotors weigh .700lbs each and the rear rotors weigh .620lbs each.

They are available in limited quantities so call today to check availability and pricing.

KTM Rotors

Polaris RZR1000 Magnesium Wheel Hubs

RaceTech Titanium & NXS Designs now offer the lightest aftermarket RZR1000 wheel hub available. The magnesium wheel hubs are 1.99lbs each.

MG Hubs Pic 02

If speed is your goal you need to reduce rotating mass and magnesium wheel hubs are one of the many options RaceTech Titanium offers. If you want to reduceĀ  rotating mass even more to make your Polaris RZR1000 go even faster we offer Titanium drive shafts, Titanium axles, Titanium rotors, and soon will have Titanium wheel studs.

Watch the RaceTech Titanium Facebook page to see new products as they are released.

Titanium Brake Rotors for Polaris RZR900 & RZR1000

RaceTech Titanium now offers Titanium brake rotors for the Polaris RZR900 & RZR1000

RZR1000 Rotor Pic 01 feat

These light weight Titanium brake rotors significantly decrease rotating mass which improves acceleration & braking performance.

RaceTech Titanium also offers many other products to decrease rotating mass and improve performance. Some of these parts include:
– Titanium drive Shafts for the RZR900 & RZR1000- Titanium Axles for the RZR900 & RZR1000
– Titanium lug nuts
– Titanium wheel studs
– Magnesium Hubs

Titanium RZR900 & RZR1000 Drive Shafts

RaceTech Titanium has been working on new Titanium drive shafts for the Polaris RZR900 & RZR1000 that will soon be available for sale.

Drive Shaft Pic 01

These Titanium driveshafts will reduce the drive train rotating mass significantly allowing the car to accelerate & stop faster.

Some of the other new products being released by RaceTech Titanium include:
– Titanium Axles
– Magnesium Hubs
– Titanium Rotors
– Titanium Lug Nuts
– Titanium Wheel Studs

Raptor 700 Titanium Frame

RaceTech Titanium custom Raptor 700 Titanium frame.

Complete build weighs – 34#
Includes:- Titanium Raptor 700 Frame
– Titanium +10 Ultralite Swingarm
– Titanium Steering Stem
– Titanium A-arms
– Titanium Bolts
– Carbon Fiber Handlebars
– Carbon Fiber Gas Tank Pan

Raptor Frame Pic 03 Raptor Frame Pic 02 Raptor Frame Pic 01

RaceTech builds all different types of titanium nuts, bolts, and custom parts. We supply titanium bolts to just about every major racing industry and custom titanium parts for the RZR & ATV industries. We hope to start building titanium race car chassis in the near future!!

RaceTech Titanium custom Titanium Parts for JGR

RaceTech Titanium is proud to be a part of the Motocross industry and the Joe Gibbs Racing Supercross program. For the last several years RaceTech Titanium has provided specially designed Titanium nuts, bolts, and custom parts for Joe Gibbs Racing and other Pro level Supercross teams. Using cutting edge CNC equipment and aerospace grade materials we will continue to provide the best titanium products in the race industry!!

JGR MX Pic 01

RaceTech Titanium Chromoly Rod Ends (Heims)

RaceTech Titanium is expanding it current rod end inventory to include several new sizes. We now stock the following sizes:

– 3/8 Chromoly Rod Ends
– 1/2 Chromoly Rod Ends- 3/4 Chromoly Rod Ends

Visit the website for additional details. www.RaceTechTitanium.com.

New Chromoly Rod Ends:

Type: Male Spherical Rod End Ball Joint Pic 01Heim Pic 01

Thread: Varies

Ball ID: Varies

Housing Material: 4130 Heat Treated Chrome Moly Steel

Finish: Bright Chrome Plated

Ball Finish: Hard Chrome Plated

Bearing Race: Slotted Nylon

Housing Width: Varies

Base of Rod End to Center of Ball: Varies

Ball Thickness: Varies

Ultimate Static Load Rating: Varies

Common Other Names for this Product: chromoly heim joint, rose joint

Application: Our larger chrome moly Spherical Rod Ends are used as sway bar end links, panhard bars, control arms, three link and four link suspensions and strut tower braces. This size rod end is often used in hand or foot actuated push-pull linkages.

Common Accessories: These Spherical Rod Ends are typically used with our MCW-8 rod end retaining washers/spacers, RS500 rod End Seals, WTF thread bungs, BAN thread bung adjuster nuts, ladder bar adjusters, HBT and AHT connecting tubes, female Spherical Rod Ends, jam nuts, and bolts. Steinjager also offers a variety of completed welded tubular suspension parts and do-it-yourself universal and application specific (4) four link triangulated and parallel suspensions, (3) three link suspensions, upper and lower control arms, lift kits, lowering kits, panhard bars, wishbone kits, track bars, traction arms, and wobble bars.

Alternative Designs: For lighter duty linkage applications, consider our MSM (steel raced) series, our MTM (telfon raced) series, STM (stainless) series, or MPM (nylon) series.

Mounting Studs: This product is available with a factory installed mounting stud. Contact us to enquire about our MXM-8S studded rod end.

Metric Alternative: The metric equivalent to this series is our DXTM series.

Warning: Regardless of a specific product’s name or marketing description, rod ends used in the wrong application will fail. We encourage our customers to know the load rating requirements of their application.