RaceTech Titanium

RaceTech Titanium offers Titanium nuts, bolts, and custom parts for all types of racing applications from mountain bikes to top fuel dragsters.   We work directly with many of the biggest names in the racing industry but no order is too big or too small to receive our full attention.  Working directly with the best teams allows us to bring the best technology to all of our customers.  The parts you buy are the same parts that go on the cars & bikes raced by the Pro Teams who use RaceTech Titanium parts. Here are a few of the race series we work with: NASCAR, Supercross, NHRA, American LeMans, Grand AM, IRL/Indy Car, and Karting.
We also supply Aluminum and Steel Fasteners  for industrial applications. Grade 8 steel bolts, Stainless Steel rivets, aluminum bolts, titanium bolts, and custom fasteners are all available through RaceTech Titanium. Call today and let us earn your fastener business.

RaceTech Titanium also offers prototyping services, surface treatments, and special coatings.  Contact us for more information.

If you want to be the best, buy the best. – RaceTech Titanium Fasteners

Josh Meyer – Owner

In 2005 I started working at UltraComp Trailers which introduced me to the world of racing.  I was given an opportunity to work with teams like Don Schumacher Racing, MDK Racing, Ganassi Racing, SunTrust, and others.  In 2009 I started RaceTrader to help teams buy & sell used trailers and other race equipment.  When I was introduced to the idea of manufacturing and selling Titanium hardware I thought it was the perfect addition to RaceTrader.  In 2010 I started RaceTech Titanium to supply my existing customers and friends with the best Titanium nuts, bolts, and custom parts in the industry.  I bring information back from F1, Indy Car, NHRA, Motocross, and other race series’ to make the best Titanium parts. PVD coating, WPC treatment, cryogenic treatment, and REM finishing are just a few of the coating and treatment techniques that we offer as an upgrade on our Titanium products. These techniques are all used by top teams to be the fastest racers in the world.
I now work with High Tech Trailers to provide race teams with the best race transporters in addition to the other services and parts I offer through RaceTrader and RaceTech Titanium.  I will continue to strive every day to provide the best trailers, buying & selling services, and Titanium parts to my customers and friends.

I appreciate all of the support I received from my customers and friends since the inception of RaceTrader in 2009.  Thank you to everyone that supports RaceTrader and RaceTech Titanium.  Call today and give me the opportunity to serve you.