New Titanium Drag Banshee Parts

RaceTech Titanium is now offering a full like of Titanium parts for Drag Banshees. Decrease the weight of your drag banshee by over 20lbs by purchasing our Titanium parts. Here are a few of the new parts that are now available:

– Titanium Banshee A-arms (+3-1 sets weigh 2.92lbs vs stock arms at 12.75lbs)
– Titanium Banshee Swing Arms (custom designs and sizes available from 0 to +14)
– Titanium Banshee Spindles (Set weights 1.96lbs vs the stock set at 4.94lbs)
– Titanium Banshee Steering Stem (Weighs 1.56lbs vs the stock stem at 4.58lbs)
– Titanium Swing Arm Pivot Bolt
– A-arm Bolt Kit

We will be offering Titanium frames very soon. We will be selling TI frames in stock, extended, and rigid designs. Accepting frame orders now.

The lighter your quad is the faster you go. If you want to go faster call today!!